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  • central service with comprehensive information about availability, quality, use possibilities, terms of delivery and costs of the authoritative basic geodata,
  • the harmonization of the geodata sets of the federal states and with that the simplification of the delivery of cross-border data sets,
  • the short-term provision of the data in common standard formats in different cartographical projections and geodetic reference systems as well as in arbitrary selections as regards content and desired spatial parts,
  • the availability of all spatial data through high-performance standardized web services,
  • diverse web applications like Germany-wide interactive maps, search for place names and other geographical objects or coordinate transformation,
  • comprehensive online offers for downloads of test data, documentations, map sheet systems, tile overviews and others more,
  • the user oriented advice and provision of tools as well as application-specific editings of the data as special services.


Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy. - branch(office) Leipzig - Service Centre

Last revison:21.01.2019