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Administrative areas with population numbers 1:1 000 000 - Stand 31.12.2017

The data stock comprises the administrative units of the hierarchical levels of public authority from the state to the districts with their administrative boundaries, statistical code numbers and the name of the administrative unit as well as the specific designation of the level of public authority of the respective federal state.

The product VG1000-EW contains population figures additionally.

The geometry of the boundaries is directed to the DLM1000 regarding to accuracy and resolution.

The areas are of the type "MultiPolygons" (also designated as "Multipart" , i.e. each area may consist of several single areas, e.g. master area with exclaves or islands, and each of these MultiPolygons corresponds to a data set in the attribute table).

For details, refer to documentation and metadata.
Interactive map with viewing service VG1000-EW
Provisions of use
The geodata offered here are available via geodata services for download and for online use free of charge according to the Spatial Data Access Act (Geodatenzugangsgesetz).

The use of the geodata and geodata services is regulated by the Ordinance to Determine the Conditions for Use for the Provision of Spatial Data of the Federation (Verordnung zur Festlegung der Nutzungsbestimmungen für die Bereitstellung von Geodaten des Bundes – GeoNutzV).
Especially, each user has to place the source reference to all geodata, metadata and geodata services recognisably and optically linked. Alterations, processings, new designs or other adaptations have to be affixed with an indication of the alteration in the source reference.
Source reference and indication of alteration have to be formulated as follows. The source reference has to be linked with the URL "http://www.bkg.bund.de" for the representation at a website.
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Data record description PDF 607 KB
.zip Currentness of data text file 10 Bytes
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  Georeferencing Content Data format File size
UTM32 Ebenen ArcInfo-SHAPE 7 MB
UTM32 Kompakt ArcInfo-SHAPE 6 MB
GK3 Ebenen ArcInfo-SHAPE 7 MB
GK3 Kompakt ArcInfo-SHAPE 6 MB
TM32 Ebenen ArcInfo-SHAPE 7 MB
TM32 Kompakt ArcInfo-SHAPE 6 MB
Older data sets and other spatial references please find in our Archiv.
type URL Capabilities
Web Map Service (WMS) http://sg.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_vg1000-ew display
Web Feature Service (WFS) http://sg.geodatenzentrum.de/wfs_vg1000-ew display
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