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Test data

For royalty-bearing products offered by the DLZ, test data can be downloaded here in the common formats and variants. Data and accompanying information are packed in zip files. The test data are extracts from the data that are offered for sale and are structured like these.

All products that are offered according to the Geodatenzugangsgesetz (GeoZG) are available for download in the Open Data area free of charge.
Digital Landscape Models (DLM)
Presentation graphics of Digital Landscape Models (DLM) Digital Basic Landscape Model - Basis-DLM
Digitales Landbedeckungsmodell für Deutschland 2009
Digital land cover model for Germany LBM-DE2012
Digital land cover m odel for Germany LBM-DE2015
Digital Terrain Models (DGM)
Presentation graphics ofDigital Terrain Models (DGM) Digital Terrain Model Grid Width 5m (DGM5)
Digital Terrain Model Grid Width 10m (DGM10)
Digital Terrain Model Grid Width 25m (DGM25)
Digital Terrain Model Grid Width 50m (DGM50)
Digital Topographic Maps (DTK)
Presentation graphics ofDigital Topographic Maps (DTK) Digital Topographic Map 1:25 000 (preliminary edition) - DTK25-V
Digital Topographic Map 1:50 000 (preliminary edition) - DTK50-V
Digital Topographic Map 1:100 000
Digital orthophotos (DOP)
Presentation graphics ofDigital orthophotos (DOP) Digital Orthophotos Germany
Other topographic products
Presentation graphics ofOther topographic products Quasigeoid

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