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The program copies Digital Topographic Maps (DTK) from subdirectories (as they are used for standard delivery of the data) into a common target directory and files them there in a flat structure. See functional description
The programme is available for Windows (Flache_Ablage.exe) and as Bourne-Shell script (flache_ablage.sh) for UNIX systems .
program flow
The program flow is based on an explanatory dialog in both versions so that the programs can be started and left any time before the execution of the real copy.
Function description
The programme copies all files from the subdirectories of a source directory into a target directory.
For the unambiguous filing in the target directory the name of the respective subdirectory is put in front of the files from the subdirectories (e.g. c1234/l0.tif -- > c1234_l0.tif). If files of the same name are already available in the target directory, these are overwritten without inquiry. So, the program is also suited for updates.
The DTK may directly lie in subdirectories in the source directory to be given or only in further subdirectories that serve to structure the DTK. The respective case is to be given in the programmes.
If only one single DTK layer is in every subdirectory, then you can decide that the name of this layer is omitted in the flat structure. The files then bear only the name of the respective directory from which they come.
Furthermore, a combination of the names of the list and the layer can also be carried out directly, without use of the underline as separator.
Screenshot from Windows program


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