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Sheet and tile indexes

Spatial Structure:
The GeoDatenZentrum provides basic geodata in various spatial structures ("portionings"). Standard structures are map sheets and quadratic tiles.
Kartenblattübersicht Kachelübersicht
Examples: Map sheet overview DTK200 and tile overview 80 km x 80 km.
See also Picture without sheet line system with enlarged presentation.
Portionings of the data must be made because of the data volume in the scale range 1:25 000 to 1:250.000. In the range 1:500.000 and 1:1 000 000 as well as for smaller clips the portioning of the data may often also be left out.
Map Sheets:
For the topographic maps of all scales there are traditional sheet line systems, the limits of which are always graticule lines (quadrangle maps). The form of a map sheet is roughly trapezoid, where the single sheets within one longitude zone are the same size whereas they get wider from North to South in Germany.
The spatial structuring into map sheets is especially applied to data deliveries referring to a map sheet, but also for the delivery of vector data without sheet lines.
The sheet overviews used by us reflect the current map contents of the corresponding DTK. Some map sheets on the edge of Germany are therefore decreased and others slightly extended. Their edge follows the spatial extension of the data stock.
For all georeferencings at the BKG quadratic tile systems 10 x 10 km², 20 x 20 km², 40 x 40 km², and 80 x 80 km² were defined that are applied scale-independently.
They are applied for the delivery of data without sheet line system and are especially compulsory for the delivery of raster data without sheet line system.
These tile systems are solidly designed for a long term from the side of the BKG and form so an efficient and safe base for partial updates of data.
Influence of the georeferencing:
Sheet line systems are independent from the georeferencing since in each case the graticule lines form the limit.
But tile systems decompose the considered area on the basis of a certain georeferencing into commensurate quadratic partial areas. Consequently, they have to be defined separately for each applied georeferencing.
Our service for you:
All map sheet and tile systems are available here as Shape files and Interactive maps.


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