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Infrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe (INSPIRE) is the initiative of the European Union (EU) for a common spatial data infrastructure in Europe. It shall facilitate the cross-border use of spatial data in Europe.

The Directive 2007/2/EG of the European Parliament and the Council establishes the legal framework for the use of geographic information in Europe across national and administrative borders.The technical implementation of the Directive is described in „Implementing Rules“- and explanatory „Technical Guidance“-documents.

In Germany, the Directive was implemented in national law by the Act on Access to Digital Spatial Data of the Federal Government and the corresponding laws of the federal states.

On these pages, INSPIRE-conform spatial data are available for the following INSPIRE themes free of charge:


The dataset Hydrography contains the elements of the Hydrography, including marine areas and all other water bodies and items related to them, including river basins and sub-basins.

The data specification for the theme Hydrography includes lakes, rivers and other waters, but with thematic and geographical limitations. As seen geographically, all inland waters are concerned.


INSPIRE Transport Networks

The dataset Transport Network contains the elements of the transport networks and the related infrastructure facilities for road, rail, air and water transport and topographic objects relating to the transport network data.

All transport networks are represented as connected point (Transport Nodes) and line elements (Transport Links), where the nodes are endpoints and connection points. In addition to point and line objects, also areal objects can be included.


INSPIRE Administrative Units

The dataset Administrative Units represents the local, regional and national administrative units that delimit the areas where Member States have jurisdictional rights and that are separated by administrative boundaries.


INSPIRE Protected Sites

The dataset Protected Sites contains areas designated or managed within a framework of international, Community and Member States' legislation to achieve specific conservation objectives.


INSPIRE Geographical Names


INSPIRE Land Cover

Land cover is the physical and biological cover of the earth's surface including artificial surfaces, agricultural areas, forests, (semi-)natural areas, wetlands and water bodies.


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