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The geodata offered here are available via geodata services for download and for online use free of charge according to different licenses.

You find typical product specifications (georeferencings, formats) that are mainly asked for by our users in the download area. You can obtain further product variants form our Geodaten-Shop . The employees of the Dienstleistungszentrum are happy to advise you.

The offered representation services are based on the international standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Download and representation services comply with the INSPIRE requirements.

Worldwide web maps


Digital Landscape Models (DLM)

Digital Landscape Models describe the topographical features of the landscape and the relief of the earth's surface in the vector format. The features are allocated to a particular feature type and defined on the basis of their spatial position, geometric type, descriptive attributes and relationships with other features.


Digital Terrain Models (DGM)

Digital Terrain Models describe the terrain forms of the earth’s surface by means of a point set arranged in a regular grid, which is georeferenced to planimetry and height.


Digital Topographic Maps (DTK)

Digital Topographic Maps describe the topographic objects of the landscape and the relief of the earth's surface in the raster format.This is pictorial information.


General maps (ÜK)

You find small-scale topographic maps of Germany and several administrative maps under General maps.


Administrative areas (VG, NUTS, VZ)

The administrative areas describe the administrative units in their hierarchy from the state to the districts or Gemeinden (municipalities) in form of object-structured vector data.


Geographical Names (GN)

The Geographical Names contain names from the subjects settlement, transport, vegetation, water bodies, relief and areas in form of object-structured vector data.

Geographical Grids (GeoGitter)

Other topographic products


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