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Digital Topographic Map 1:1 000.000

The Digital Topographic Map 1:1 000 000 (DTK1000) contains the raster data of the map "Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1:1 000 000" (D1000). The resolution of the data is 320 pixels per cm.

The raster data are structured into layers (raster data layers) by cartographic content elements. There are a sum layer and several single and additional layers for the DTK1000.

The sum layer is formed by combining the single layers and contains the colored, complete map image of the D1000 without illuminated relief representation (hill shading).

For details, refer to documentation and metadata.
Interactive map with viewing service DTK1000 mit Schummerung
The view service DTK1000 mit Schummerung is used in the map (Currency of the service can deviate from the product).
Provisions of use
The geodata offered here are available via geodata services for download and for online use free of charge according to the Spatial Data Access Act (Geodatenzugangsgesetz).

The use of the geodata and geodata services is regulated by the Ordinance to Determine the Conditions for Use for the Provision of Spatial Data of the Federation (Verordnung zur Festlegung der Nutzungsbestimmungen für die Bereitstellung von Geodaten des Bundes – GeoNutzV).
Especially, each user has to place the source reference to all geodata, metadata and geodata services recognisably and optically linked. Alterations, processings, new designs or other adaptations have to be affixed with an indication of the alteration in the source reference.
Source reference and indication of alteration have to be formulated as follows. The source reference has to be linked with the URL "http://www.bkg.bund.de" for the representation at a website.
© GeoBasis-DE / BKG <year of last data download>
© GeoBasis-DE / BKG <year of last data download> (data changed)
  Content File format File size
Data record description PDF 860 KB
.zip Currentness of data text file 22 Byte
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  Georeferencing Content spatial structuring Data format File size
UTM32 Summenlayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 100 MB
UTM32 Einzellayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 254 MB
GK3 Summenlayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 100 MB
GK3 Einzellayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 254 MB
LAMGe Summenlayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 125 MB
LAMGe Einzellayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 277 MB
TM32 Summenlayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 100 MB
TM32 Einzellayer Gesamtdatei TIFF-LZW 254 MB
Viewing services
type URL Capabilities
Web Map Service (WMS) http://sg.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_dtk1000 display
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