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Landscapes of Germany

Landscape names are vernacularly used names, the origin of which may be of natural, historical, economical or other kind. Landscapes are considered here being a defined or definable larger or smaller part of the earth's surface with a name of its own. In contrast to political entities (e.g. municipality, district) the boundaries of which are clearly and legally defined by official surveying, for landscapes there are usually no determined, but only imprecise limits that are not legally determined.

Based on the landscapes processed by the Permanent Committee on Geographic Names (StAGN), the Service Centre of the Federal Government for Geoinformation and Geodesy developed a view service for landscape names.

In most cases, the delimitations can only be seen as "border seams" in the range of which the affiliation of single areas to a particular landscape cannot be derived bindingly.

For details, refer to documentation and metadata.
Interactive map with viewing service Landschaften
Terms of use
The WMS service is provided to the public free of charge as view service, i.e., it is possible to internally use and to integrate the service into an own website; copying the map or other utilization of the map/of the service are not allowed. Copying is e.g. reprinting, photocopying, microfilming, digitization, scanning and storing on data carriers. The data transmitted with the service may only be used in conjunction with the service and shall not be stored. An extraction or further use of data outside the service is not allowed.
Source reference and indication of alteration have to be formulated as follows. The source reference has to be linked with the URL "http://www.bkg.bund.de" for the representation at a website.
Karte: © BKG, StAGN 2014; Landschaftsbeschreibungen: © Herbert Liedtke, Namen und Abgrenzungen von Landschaften in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 3. Auflage 2002, Band 239 in der Reihe „Forschungen zur deutschen Landeskunde“, Deutsche Akademie für Landeskunde, Selbstverlag.
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Viewing services
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Web Map Service (WMS) http://sg.geodatenzentrum.de/wms_landschaften display
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