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The WebAtlasDE is an Internet web service developed jointly by the Federation and the federal states (Länder) and provided by the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG). On the basis of official spatial base data it shows an attractive, nationwide uniform map representation in zoom levels from the single building to an overview of Germany. Its efficient realization based on international standards and its modern cartographical design support various application fields.

Base data for the WebAtlasDE are the Basic Landscape Model and house coordinates as well as building polygons from the Real Estate Cadastre of the Länder as well as the Digital Landscape Models 1:250,000 and 1:1,000,000, maintained at the BKG. The Länder symbolize these data in a uniform symbol key and produce an image archive. The image archive is processed to a high-performance Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and flexibly applicable Web Map Services (WMS) in the BKG.

Further details you will find in the documentation and in the metadata (graphic display WMS, graphic display WMTS and XML-metadata file WMS, XML-metadata file WMTS ).

Interactive map with WebAtlasDE
Product variants
Product Notes Type of service
WebAtlasDE Viewing service (full range) WMS, WMTS
WebAtlasDE (greyscales) Viewing service (full range) WMS, WMTS
WebAtlasDE.light Viewing service (scale range <=1:15 000, contains no house outlines) WMS, WMTS
WebAtlasDE.light (greyscales) Viewing service (scale range <=1:15 000, contains no house outlines) WMS, WMTS
  Content File format File size
.zip Flyer product description PDF 4,3 MB
.zip Stand der Datenproduktion Textdatei 10 KB

Types of licensing
The WebAtlasDE.light is available for everyone under the license for free use. This right of use comprises all known and all future purposes of service usage, especially the merging with own services and services of others as well as the embedding into internal and external business processes and applications.
Two license types are offered for the WebAtlasDE.
The license for private use and public purposes contains the right of use for own purpose in the internal area of the licensee. Public purposes comprise the teaching at schools as well as scientific research and teaching at public universities.
The business license offers rights of use for subsequent utilization for own, internal use or for subsequent utilization in standard cases. The term “subsequent utilization” includes the embedding of the service into external business processes and applications in public and non-public electronic networks.
For usages not covered by these licenses, please contact the Service Centre.
The respective surveying authority provides the WebAtlasDE for those Länder and local authorities, with which agreements on the use of comparable spatial base data exist in the Länder.
Federal institutions can use the WebAtlasDE free of charge on the basis of an administrative agreement between the Federal Government and the Länder. Please contact the Service Centre .
Type of license Kind of use Product Charge per service
Free use internal + external WebAtlasDE.light free of charge
Private use internal WebAtlasDE free of charge
Use for education and research internal WebAtlasDE free of charge
Business use internal WebAtlasDE 380 € per year
Business use internal + external (1 application) WebAtlasDE 3.680 € per year
Test license Caching WebAtlasDE
The Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the Laender of the Federal Republic of Germany (AdV) decided in November 2016 to start a pilot phase for the caching of raster tiles of the WebAtlasDE.
During this test phase users with security tasks can be granted the temporary right to store raster data of the WebAtlasDE for establishing own high-performance „viewing services” (caching) without using the high-quality data itself.
The AdV does not charge any fee for this additional benefit. The user-related pilot phase is limited to six months each and ends on 31 December 2018 at the latest. You may test the process during this period in the internal area and may afterwards exchange your experiences and suggestions with the Central Office for Geo-Topography (ZSGT).
If you are interested, please contact the Service Centre.
Provisions of use
Especially, each user has to place the source reference to all geodata, metadata and geodata services recognisably and optically linked. Alterations, processings, new designs or other adaptations have to be affixed with an indication of the alteration in the source reference.
Source reference and indication of alteration have to be formulated as follows. The source reference has to be linked with the URL "http://www.bkg.bund.de" for the representation at a website.
© GeoBasis-DE / BKG <year>
© GeoBasis-DE / BKG <year> (data changed)

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