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The BKG download permits all authorized users to download and store Digital Orthophotos via an interactive selection of tiles of the size 1 km x 1 km in one map.
Please identify as authorized user by a user ID. If you should not have any user ID yet, please consult the Dienstleistungszentrum (Service Centre).
Federal institutions may immediately access via Login authorized use.
Please choose the coordinate reference system below, in which the data shall be provided

User ID   
Coordinate reference system   
Each tile is stored as Image File (.jpg) together with a so-called World File (.jgw) and a Metadata File (.meta). The JGW file contains the parameters of an Affine Transformation for computing the world coordinates and can be interpreted by different geoinformation systems. The metadata indicate the date of the flight mission, particularly.
Please note:
The format of the meta file has changed since 14 March 2011, here an example: The download now works generally in an update mode: If Image File, World File and Metadata File are available for a tile in the target directory the data are not downloaded once again. It is continued with the next tile instead.

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