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The Service Centre of the Federal Government for Geo-Information and Geodesy (Dienstleistungszentrum des Bundes für Geoinformation und Geodäsie - DLZ) provides geodetic and geo-topographic reference data of the Federal Government centrally to federal institutions, public administrations, economy, science and citizens. The establishment of the Service Centre is based on the Federal Geographic Reference Data Act (Bundesgeoreferenzdatengesetz − BGeoRG), which came into effect on 1 November 2012. Nutzer profitieren von einem umfassenden Spektrum an Internetdiensten, die komfortabel in eigene Anwendungen eingebunden werden können und kontinuierlich auf die aktuellsten Geobasisdaten zugreifen. Das DLZ betreibt hierfür hochverfügbare und leistungsstarke Webserver. Darüber hinaus ist die klassische Bereitstellung der Daten in inhaltlichen und räumlichen Selektionen, verschiedenen Georeferenzierungen und Datenaustauschformaten möglich.

Our Open Data offers

The small-scale data and maps of the scale 1:250,000 and smaller are generated and maintained at the BKG. The responsibility of the BKG for these scales is based on an administrative agreement between the federal government and the Laender.

For product information on all available free spatial base data, please see our Product Catalog Open Data. According to the Spatial Data Access Act, you can download the whole portfolio under the heading Open Data free of cost.

Our service for federal institutions

With the DLZ, federal institutions have a central contact that provides to them free of cost the official spatial data of the Laender and a portfolio of web services for coping with mandatory tasks in the federal area. To this end, the large- and medium-scale data of the Laender in the scale range of about 1:25,000 to 1:100,000 are merged and technically harmonized at the DLZ. Formal completeness and format consistency are also checked. We inform you transparently about availability, characteristics and quality of the products maintained by federal government and Laender.

For product information on all available spatial data, please see our Product catalog for federal institutions. Our online ordering system is available for your data and service orders around the clock.

We would be happy to analyze your individual needs in a personal conversation and introduce to you practical services and products on this basis.

For this, please contact the following address:

Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy
Service Centre
Karl-Rothe-Straße 10-14
D-04105 Leipzig

Phone:  +49 341/56 34 - 333
Fax:  +49 341/56 34 - 415

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